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bookkeepers.com reviews

I found the self-study version the best option for me, simply because I wanted to do it fast. I didn’t need accountability as my drive and determination were there. The group path may be better if you are paying by installments and need that extra accountability. If you work hard, communicate well and promote yourself, this program 100% works. The downside – there are a lot of moving parts, and they’re constantly launching a new service, program or challenge.

Ben has really led by example, instilling his values across their customer service and the entire business. This is NOT a business where you’re making $20-$25 an hour. If you build a business around Bookkeepers.com’s https://marketresearchtelecast.com/financial-planning-for-startups-how-accounting-services-can-help-new-ventures/292538/ same values and beliefs, you can be charging between $80-$100 an hour. Because a 21st Century professional bookkeeper is hard to find, and their consulting pays for itself over again.

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The course is self-paced, so even those with little or no experience in bookkeeping can benefit from it. The Bookkeeper Launch System includes 64 hours of coursework. The suggested pacing is about 90 days (the course provides a recommended timeline for each unit). Also, QuickBooks Online and Xero both offer free certifications. These are not necessary to operate as a bookkeeper but can be helpful in building your skills and worth mentioning in your marketing to potential clients. As I haven’t personally taken the course and launched a bookkeeping business, I can’t completely testify to the success rate of the course.

bookkeepers.com reviews

These programs are meant to be taken alongside, not in place of, Bookkeeper Launch. I have yet to come across any negative Bookkeeper Launch reviews, and believe it to be trustworthy and an excellent option to learn how to run your own bookkeeping business. However, after reading multiple reviews and testimonials from successful students, it seems legitimate. Bookkeepers.com (the overall company behind the course) has a 5-star/A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a 4.9 on Facebook (with 230 reviews). I typically over-research everything, and I did that with this program as well, so it really pained me that it didn’t turn out how I expected. I let Bill know this, said some good things about his program, and asked him to cancel my account.

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Retirement Investments strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. The information on Retirement Investments could be different from what you find when visiting a third-party website. With Bookkeeper Launch you’ll learn how to use bookkeeping software bookkeeping for startups like Quickbooks, LastPass and Xero, along with all the principles of modern accounting. We hope this article helps you decide if the Booming Bookkeeping Business Course will work for you. It was weird, like he thought I was trying to scam him out of his program.

bookkeepers.com reviews

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should rush out and join the program. Now you need to figure out if a bookkeeping business makes sense to you. Then they try to damage the program even though the failure was their own doing. I will say that Ben seems to do an amazing job of preventing these types of things from happening. As you continue your research, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a series of free training videos that are specifically designed to help you determine if a bookkeeping business is right for you.