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These may be our own, such as Blue Cat Reports, Swimlanes or Imports, or other power-ups we know and love including those on our Free Power-ups guide. You can find this board and many others from the Trello inspiration page. Pick one that suits your workflow the best and copy it to your own board . Become a Trello boss with these easy-to-follow tips and templates.

trello workflow

Trello also offers a house hunting template, which has lists for Craigslist, Potential, Contacted, and No—which would be suitable for finding a place to rent too. Cassidy also uses Trello to plan content, with lists for Scheduled, To Schedule, To Make, and more. Looking for a tutorial on the basics of getting started with Trello?

QA Team in Trello:

Before going in the sprint period, all task cards are queued up in a “waiting area” called the Backlog list. In this article, we focus on using Trello to manage business and organizational processes. We draw on best practices gathered from our experience helping thousands of customers automate their workflows with our tool, Butler for Trello. Integrate Trello with other task management tools like Asana or Airtable to sync cards across different platforms.

trello workflow

While you’re probably not heading overseas anytime soon, you can still dream for better days to come. Besides, virtually planning for a trip is half the fun. All you need to do is trello software development type a keyword (like “Urgent”) into the card name, and Trello can automatically add a label to your card. Set up recurring cards with due dates to get reminders for regular tasks.

Trello Workflows Overview

This is a great ‘set it and forget it’ automation using a Calendar command. Once you’ve set it up, Trello automation takes care of scheduling, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 Trello automation templates for you to try so that you can discover the power of automation for yourself! Even the smallest business can benefit from Trello automation – and we promise the rewards far outweigh the small amount of effort it takes to set it up. Depending on how you would like to see your tasks in Todoist, you can customize each list to be created as a section in Todoist.

Trello is a fast-growing collaboration tool used by tens of millions of people. Aside from being great for personal task management, it’s used by teams and companies of all sizes to collaborate and reduce reliance on e-mail. An integration that weaves your creative tasks, tools and teammates into your unified project management platform.

Maintain your home or organize a home improvement project

This helps see where work is building up in the process making it easier to track and eliminate bottle necks. As a project manager, you need to track your tasks and your team effectively. This example board from the team at Trello can help you do just that.

trello workflow

Cards can also be emailed directly into this list using Trello’s email-to-board feature. Add a card to the list describing what the board is about. You can later add cards to this list with answers to frequently asked questions and any process documentation.


However, with a free account, there is a limit of 10 boards. Take the following steps to create a board, as nothing happens without a board in Trello. Adding a user to the automation at hand.Now that you’ve added the action, you can either add more actions to the automation or simply click Save. Once you save the automation, it will be automatically enabled for the board .

You could also use this board to give your existing website a facelift to improve the aesthetics and user experience. So whether the requests are email inquiries, online order forms, or even web content, they are all automatically becoming a card on the leftmost list of a Trello workflow management board. From there, depending on the order’s needs, each step will be funneled to a different user. For example, you may realize that a checklist is unnecessary, or that two states end up being the same and you need to merge them. You may want to add a custom field to store a piece of information that users find useful for the process.

Handoff Workflows

It helps team members collaborate effectively, track progress, and deliver high-quality projects on time. Easily add priority labels to your cards based on your own custom triggers. For example, let’s say you have an urgent rewards programme project on the go. You can use automation to add a red “Priority” label to your https://globalcloudteam.com/ card when you set your Custom Field “Project” to “Rewards”. Moving cards based on the age of the card is useful for both general board maintenance and business tasks. For example, if your sales list “Waiting for Feedback” contains cards older than 30 days, you can automatically move them to the “Lost Leads” list.